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portraoitprostudioAZAEDIT_Isis Azarene_Isis Azarene_Isis Azarene26212 copy 2_pp.jpg


AZA (aka Isis Azarene) is proving to be a standout component within the next generation of rising techno stars, championing a unique perspective that marries her Caribbean roots with the driving force of high-impact house and techno. Curating her sets with polyrhythmic-leading selections at the core, she considers the audience, the venue, and occasion to electrifying effect, and has subsequently been tapped to perform throughout the Midwest (USA) and beyond, where she has shared stages with the likes of Green Velvet, Stacey Pullen, Alberto Ruiz, Codes, Collette and DJ T1000. 


Presenting a level of musicality and skill well beyond her years, and driven by a strong desire to create dance-inducing ‘in the moment’ music for her audience, AZA has found equal comfort and success with her studio endeavours. Launching her discography in 2018 with a release on S6A, AZA has since gone on to grace some of the most authentic independent labels the circuit has to offer, such as Golden Pony Records, ZFF, Labelworks and Mastoid Kollektive, in addition to being cherry-picked for a series of charitable and anniversary compilations.


With an impressive string of globally-adored records to her name, AZA continued to build her career at break-neck speed, christening her inaugural imprint Soundbeing Recordings with the monumental cut “A.I” in 2020. Taking influence from a diverse collection of 90’s records and filtering these formative techno sounds through the lens of her Caribbean heritage, the San Francisco talent has created a nouveau strain of underground music that is discernibly her own. 

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