AZA is an underground dance DJ / Producer currently based out of the Midwest USA. Born and bred in San Francisco, California and with roots from the Caribbean: Trinidad and Tobago. AZA's island roots explain her percussive and polyrhythmic selections and productions. AZA brings us her unique flavor in house and techno music on the dancefloor and in production.

Holding a Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance and Production: AZA aka The SoundBeing is a versatile music producer and vocalist producing in many genres varying from classical, jazz, hip-hop, downtempo, house , and techno. Her most favorite genres to produce and DJ are techno and house. 


In the past year AZA went public with her DJing passion influenced from growing up in the San Francisco underground  electronic dance music scene. Originally from California with West Indian roots AZA currently resides in the midwest while making frequent trips to Detroit and Europe for inspiration and instruction from a few reputable mentors.  


 AZA's original compositions and choice track selections continue to rock dance floors that she has met with so far via the midwest all the way to Detroit. AZA is affiliated with Deep Sessions Detroit Record label and Collective, S6A Music and ZFF of Italy, Golden Pony Records and Corsa Records.


Very quickly in the last year AZA has put herself on the map as an artist to watch. AZA is ready to unleash more musical madness in 2020 with plans for numerous releases and international travel plans to perform.